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SONY ⍺7RII & Canon EF35/2 IS on Sigma MC-11

The Canon EF35/2 IS works very well on the SONY ⍺7RII, SONY ⍺7RIII and SONY ⍺7III with the Sigma Mount Converter MC-11:

- Autofocus is fast and precise

- the image stabilization (IS) works flawlessly

- aperture setting can be done from the camera

- EXIF-data is transmitted correctly

The EF35/2 IS is the perfect lens for landscape shots with a minimum of distortion. Due to its minimum focusing distance of only 25cm you can also use it for wide angle macro work .

 The EF35/2 is extremely sharp, even wide open, and it renders a very pleasing bokeh. Its resolving power is  adequate for the 42MP sensor of the SONY ⍺7RII or ONY ⍺7RIII. All in all this is a very good wide angle lens at a reasonable price.

SONY ⍺7III & Sigma FE 1.4/50 DG HSM | Art

SONY ⍺7III & Sigma FE 1.4/50 DG HSM | Art

...between spring flowers

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